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Stationary Source Round Canning Product

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Products include DOC + DPF assembly, SCR catalytic device, DOC mainly deal with HC, CO and particle surface SOF, while making NO into NO2, improve the efficiency of passive regeneration effect and SCR reaction, DPF capture exhaust particulate matter, through passive regeneration to implement the dynamic balance of PM, under the condition of high temperature to realize active regeneration, the PM of SCR processing NOx in the exhaust emission.This product has the characteristics of high filtration efficiency, high conversion efficiency, low back pressure, easy maintenance and low operating cost.It can be used for all kinds of generator sets, engine bench tail gas treatment.



Specification of DOC DiameterΦ7.5"/Φ10.5"/Φ13"
Specification of DPF DiameterΦ7.5"/Φ10.5"/Φ
Specification of SCR DiameterΦ7.5"/Φ10.5"/Φ13"
Mesh of DOC 200CPSI/300CPSI/400CPSI
Mesh of DPF 200CPSI
Mesh of SCR 200CPSI/300CPSI/400CPSI
Substrate Cordierite
SCR Coating V-W-Ti/Fe/Cu
Layout Cylindrical Paralel Layout


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