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1. In order to ensure the normal operation and service life of the system, please use qualified and clean urea solution. If the urea solution is too dirty, it may lead to blockage of pump or nozzle in the system; if the concentration is too low, emission level will be over the regulation limit.  It may seriously damage thecatalytic muffler.

2. Urea will freeze under -11℃ and will expand in volume. Therefore, it is not advisable to add too much urea in the urea tank. At least 10% expansion space should be left to prevent the tank from cracking when urea freezes.

3. When the urea level is lower than 20%, please add urea in time. If the urea is too low in the tank, the system will light up the MIL lights and may restrict the engine torque.

4. During the operation of the system, high pressure may accumulate in the pipeline, so please pay attention to protect your eyes and prevent urea from spraying into your eyes when the fluid pipeline needs to be removed.

5. It is strictly prohibited to try to remove the bolts of the urea pump cover by yourself, because special procedure and calibration are required once the bolts are removed.

6. Before conducting weld on the vehicle, the urea pump must be removed from the frame, or it may cause permanent damage to the urea pump.


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