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"High-quality staff cultivation are necessary for a high quality enterprise". Talents are a determinant factor for enterprise competition. Over the years, to ensure sustainable growth of Kailong, we are not only introducing numerous foreign and domestic talents, but also building an incentive mechanism for talented people, make the appropriate person to play a proper role in the appropriate position. Coping with external training resources, the company is training internal teams of lectures then providing staff with professional and systematic trainings. This will lay a talent foundation for company’s future development. 
Currently, our company has over 1,000 staff members, including 500 professionals, among them around 100 staff members with master's degree or above; besides, we also have the following advantages: “nation-level enterprise technology center” and the first-class product labs, nation-level postdoctoral centre, complete platform for talent cultivation and well-designed talent development path; meanwhile, being capable of providing staff with competitive welfare. Our company makes full use of several resources such as university-enterprise cooperation, enterprise training base and online learning platform. We launch different training content according to different groups based on demands of corporate strategy and individual staff members. The training system of the group includes four levels, namely company level, department level, workshop level and unit level. Under the guidance of the planned training system and procedure, the professional training courses are provided by various training forms to meet company strategy, development and the demands of departments and staff.     




Training System

Trainings of talent cultivation and reserving professional technical strength are conducted to greatly improve staff’s quality, combing with the development plan and general development strategy. Training work is continuously improved in course construction, teaching staff construction and specification construction and other aspects. The training system is continuously constructed in course standardization, teaching material normalization, lecture professionalization, implementation process-oriented, assessment institutionalization, methods multidimensional, vision clearness, system transparency, and tracking systematization. Staffs are encouraged to participate in the training to experience, to feel, to grow, and to break through. 
Kailong provide staff opportunities and challenges. And staff learn, grow up, share and mentor in Kailong. Generation after generation of Kailong transfer their experience and exchange wisdom, which can build up a well-organized training system and management model. This has formed strong competitive advantage as the company can provide tailor service for the employees.




Employee Development

The company implements staff career planning, sets up three career development paths, i.e., management, professional and technician skills, and the staff can select promotion paths either by the same category or choosing multiple paths. 
The ranking level on each career path will be determined by their annual performance and ability evaluation results. 
The company provides multiple staff development ways such as public recruitment internally.We will also arrange competition engagement for management post and general recommendation of assistant for middle-level administrative position.

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