Talent-focused Strategy

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Human talents are the first resource for Kailong High-tech. Based on the recruitment philosophy of “talents attracted by prospect, impelled by culture, converged by career, stimulated by performance, influenced by true feelings”, Kailong keeps forward in domestic and international environment, focusing on cultivating high-quality staff and building first-class talent team, laying a solid talent foundation for good and fast development of Kailong High-tech. We emphasis on the cultivation and introduction of core talents and committed to building a core talent group lead by 100 top level experts and constructed by 300 professional, international and innovation-type talents, to form a talent pyramid. We also support self-learning environment. Our strategy is to create the most competitive high-tech enterprise with strongest talent attractiveness in after-treatment system industry.
Our company provides multiple career paths for talent development. 
For the purpose of the development of various types of talents and talent motivation, encouraging business study and make full use of expertise, our company, based on the leading post sequence, Kailong has established there kind of career promotion paths, i.e. professional management, technical engineering, production technician. For each career path, we have periodically taken assessment to classify chief experts, senior experts and expert talents who can get the same level of remuneration as deputy general manager , senior manager or manager. 




▶ Excellent talents are the fundamental of enterprise development and Kailong respects to conscientious staff.
▶ Kailong respect individual values, train talents continuously and retain them.
▶ We are striving to construct a harmonious and cooperative working environment and forge an excellent enterprise staff team. 
▶ Company’s achievements are shared with staff, company’s value is recognized by staff, and company’s achievement is felt by staff.
▶ Companies values the person who can solve problems. Employees are hired to solve problems, not to  cause problem. If an employee can't find a problem or solve it, then this is a problem. The capability of problem solving is the key element for leadership.
▶ The development of the company is based on staff’s support. Kailong is a platform for everybody care for each other.

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