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As The Technology Driven Company:

Kailong leads product innovation and manufacturing. Kailong has the advanced technology R&D system in industry. Kailong has National Enterprise Technology Center, laboratory center accredited by China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS), and national postdoctoral research station. Kailong cooperates with research institutions in China and overseas such as HUCT, EXUST, etc. In 2017, 2018 and 2019, the company's R&D funds were 64.367 million yuan, 71.5605 million yuan and 80.1232 million yuan respectively, accounting for 5.75%, 6.16% and 7.51% of the operating revenue in the corresponding period, which were at a high level in the industry. It is awarded by the projects of National Air Pollution Control, Strategic Emerging Industry of Jiangsu Province and Transformation of Scientific and Technological Achievements and other projects, leading and participating in the formulation 18 industry standards. Among them, 151 patents have been approved by the State Intellectual Property Office, including 40 patents for invention. The technology and application of selective catalytic reduction of diesel engine has won the first prize of Science and Technology Award of China National Machinery Association, which provides a solid foundation for Kailong to ensure the leading level in the industry.


Advantage of Core Technology:

Kailong is a leading enterprise in China's internal combustion engine Exhaust Emission Control Industry, with initial innovation capability, owning the core technology with independent IP rights, which ranks top level in China. Kailong has a number of core technologies such as “key technology of diesel engine SCR injection system”, “diesel engine SCR system dosing control and comprehensive integration technology”. Among them, “key technology of diesel engine SCR injection system”. “development and application of diesel engine SCR system”, “key technology and engineering application of diesel engine exhaust after-treatment DPF particle filtering system” and other core technologies have been certified by China Federation of Machinery Industry (CMA) as advanced level in the world.


Advantage of Complete Production Chain:

Kailong is one of enterprises with the most complete production chain in China's internal combustion engine exhaust emission control industry. Kailong has developed strong R&D, engineering and production capacity for diesel engine SCR system integration, catalytic muffler, urea pump, urea dosing control unit (DCU), urea nozzle, urea tank, catalyst, substrate and other related products, which can meet customers' "one-stop" procurement demand and provide customers with comprehensive and fast service.


Pioneering Advantage:

As the pioneer of the diesel engine SCR Exhaust after-treatment system, Kailong began to research and develop the technology and products since 2006. Kailong has successfully developed the first set of diesel engine exhaust after-treatment systems with independent intellectual property rights (SCR) in 2008 and started mass production in the following year. Kailong has independently developed urea dosing pump, dosing control system, research of ceramic honeycomb substrate, catalyst and other key techniques and materials, implementing integration and innovation of SCR, DPF diesel engine exhaust after-treatment systems. Kailong is one of the earliest enterprises who has successful researched and developed SCR diesel engine exhaust after-treatment system and a stable technical team. With more than 10 years of technical accumulation and more than 500,000 sets of SCR system's successful application experience in the market, the stability, reliability and quality of products have been tested by the market, forming a pioneering advantage. In May 2019, diesel engine exhaust after-treatment systems meeting with CN VI b emission standard independently developed by Kailong Hight-tech, supporting substrate and catalyst meeting with CN VI emission standard  independently developed by the wholly owned subsidiary Lanfeng, which has passed the inspection by the emission inspection institution and completed the disclosure of environmental protection compliance information, has become China's first sets with domestic substrate and catalyst meeting with CN VI b emission standard of diesel engine exhaust after-treatment systems.


Advantage of Technical Talents:

Kailong has a group of talents with ability of management, R&D and manufacturing. Zang zhicheng, the chairman of the company, has more than decades of experience in industry management, and is the leader of the diesel engine SCR exhaust disposal team of the National Technical Committee for Standardization of Internal Combustion Engine. Kailong gathers more than 280 R&D engineers with various professional backgrounds, including 7 PhD and 41 Masters. The management team of the company is stable with high loyalty and keen ability to grasp the development direction of the industry. The management team of the company has rich experience in enterprise management, technology R&D, and has a deep understanding of the industry development trend and the company's operating situation, and can timely formulate and adjust the company's development strategy, so that the company can maintain the leading position in the fierce market competition.


Advantage of Customer Resource:

With strong R&D ability, profound technology accumulation and high product quality, etc., Kailong has established stable long-term cooperation relations with the well-known domestic internal combustion engine makers and commercial vehicle OEMs. The main customers include Saic Iveco Hongyan, Weichai Power, SDEC, CYD, FAWDE, Foton, etc. In addition, it has successfully carried out business cooperation with major domestic OEMs and ODMs such as Jangxi ISUZU, Nanjing Iveco and Quanchai Power.

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