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Zang Zhicheng, Chairman and General Manager of Kailong High Technology Co., Ltd.

Senior Engineer,External Postgraduate Mentor of Automobile College of Tongji University,Committee Member of CDNCA of Jiangsu Province


Mr. Zang established Kailong High Technology Co., Ltd. (it was called Wuxi Kailong Auto Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.) in December 2001, devoting to R&D, production and sales of the exhaust after-treatment system of diesel vehicles and having made a number of breakthrough over foreign monopolies in respect of the key technologies and application fields of exhaust after-treatment system. And now, Mr. Zang serves as the leader of the SCR exhaust after-treatment working group of National Internal Combustion Engine Standardization Technology Committee and has made outstanding contribution to the promotion of diesel emission standard upgrading and air pollution treatment.

Awards & Honor: Wuxi Worker Model/ National Outstanding Member of CDNCA/ China Industry Pioneer/ Top Ten Newsmaker of China Industry / The First Prize of Science and Technology Award of China Machinery Industry Federation/ The First Prize of Shanghai Science and Technology Award/ Outstanding Entrepreneur of National Machinery Industry / The cultivating object of the Phase 1 "Technology Entrepreneurs Cultivation Engineering" in Jiangsu/The First Session Wuxi Businessman in Wuxi/ Science and Technology Progress Award of the People's Government of Huishan District Wuxi/Wuxi Academic Leader, etc.


Core Management Team


Chairman Zang Zhicheng Preside Over Meeting for Senior Management


Chairman Zang Zhicheng Preside Over Meeting for Institute of Techninology


Chairman Zang Zhicheng Introduce Research of Catalyst Substrate to External Leaders


Chairman Zang Zhicheng Inspect Production Situation in Workshop


Chairman Zang Zhicheng Inspect Automatic Production Line Installation and Adjustment of CNVI N3.5 Urea Pump


Zang Zhicheng(Middle) Ye Jun(Second from Right) Wu Yongxing(Right) Liu Dewen(Second from Left) Zeng Rui(Left)

Ye Jun: Director, Deputy general manager, graduated from Jiangsu Institute of Technology (now called Jiangsu University), bachelor degree, senior engineer. Mr. Ye was engaged in technology R&D and quality management for automotive OEM and exhaust after-treatment systems (diesel engine SCR system). He is entirely responsible for technology R&D and industrialization of CN IV & V emission standards after-treatment in Kailong High-tech, coordinating after-treatment system and engine and vehicle matching experiment, guiding engine calibration, vehicle “three tenors (high temperature, plateau and alpine)” test. Based on this, improving after-treatment system parameters, setting up or optimizing the production process, production process, key quality control points and manufacturing solutions, played a key role in technology industrialization of after-treatment for Kailong.

Zeng Rui: Chief Financial Officer, secretary of the Board of Directors, graduated from Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, master degree, accountant title. Successively served as the accountant of Zhuhai Hanzheng Enterprise Co., LTD; sales accounting, budget accounting, accounting audit, financial information disclosure, head of accounting agency, head of accounting agency of Wuxi Little Swan Co., LTD, Chief Financial Officer of Jiangsu Hengli High-pressure Oil Cylinder Co., LTD; From November 2012 to now, served as chief Financial Officer of Kailong; From March 2016 to now, Secretary of the board of directors of Kailong.

Liu Dewen: Assistant of the chairman, deputy dean of Kailong Institute of Technology , director of the National-level Technology Center and director of the Company Test Center. Mr. Liu, Australian nationality, graduated from Tsinghua University and The University of Queensland, Australia, PhD, senior engineer, standing member of the Australian Institute of Engineers. He was engaged in the research of engine powertrain, clean fuel and diesel engine pollutant emission control for a long time, and led R&D of dual-fuel engine and electronic fuel dosing system, and participated in the development of emission reduction projects for engineering machinery engines. Since joining in Kailong, Mr. Liu has led the core technical R&D for new products, mainly carrying out R&D of “air-assisted urea solution metering pump technology”, “Non air-assisted urea pump Technology”, “coordinated control technology of particulate matter and nitrogen oxide of diesel vehicles meeting CN VI emission standard", etc.

Wu Yongxing: Deputy General Manager, graduated from Shanghai Mechanical Institute (now Shanghai University of Science and Technology), bachelor degree, Engineer. Mr. Wu was engaged in quality management in joint venture, foreign capital, listed and private enterprises. Since joiningKailong, Mr. Wu has been mainly engaged in product quality management, production management, procurement management and warehousing logistics management. During the period of products upgrading and mass production process, he has made new contributions in product quality control, productivity stability improvement, cost control, supplier control, etc.

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