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Within a certain range of exhaust temperature, ammonia produced by the decomposition of urea aqueous solution is used as a reducing agent to reduce NOx in the tail gas into N2, thus effectively reducing NOx emissions in the tail gas.Advantages: At present, diesel engine SCR catalyst mainly consists of vanadium based SCR catalyst and molecular sieve based SCR catalyst.Traditional Vanadium based SCR catalyst, good sulfur resistance, low toxicity, high conversion efficiency at medium temperature;Molecular sieve based SCR catalyst system has the advantages of wide temperature window, good stability at high temperature, high purification efficiency, non-toxic, and its performance is significantly better than V2O5/WO3/TiO2 catalyst.



Vanadium SCR:

1) NOx conversion efficiency ≥45% at 200℃;

2) catalytic reaction activity window > 260℃;

3) After aging at 550℃ for 200H, the catalyst attenuation ≤10%;

4) Under test cycle of WHTC and WHSC, the catalytic performance can meet the requirements of CN V emission regulations;

Copper base SCR:

1) Conversion efficiency of NOx at 200℃ ≥80%;

2) Catalytic reaction activity window ≥320℃;

3) After aging at 650℃ for 100H, the average value of NOx conversion efficiency decreased at each temperature point of the catalyst ≤5%;

4)Under test cycle of WHTC, WHSC and PEMS, the catalytic performance can meet the requirements of CN VI emission regulations

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